CHM 325/635 Mathematical Methods for Chemists

Instructor: Dr. Varadharajan Srinivasan(Room AB-2 225)

Office Hours: Fridays 2-3 pm

Email: vardha [at] iiserb . ac .in

TA: Deepti Rajpoot


Lectures: M (10-10:55 am), W and F (9-9:55 am) in AB2-401


This course aims at introducing the methods of mathematics applicable in the various areas of chemistry research to chemistry majors,first year integrated and regular Ph.D students. A semi-rigorous introduction to the theory of methods followed by illustration of their use in chemistry and related areas shall be targeted. Topics covered include but are not limited to vector calculus; linear algebra and vector spaces; ordinary and partial differential equations; Fouries series, integral transforms; introduction to probability and statistics. This is a mandatory course for 1st year Integrated Ph.D. students in Chemistry and elective for 3rd year BS-MS and Ph.D. students.

You can find the course contents here.

Prerequisites: MTH 101, MTH 102, MTH 201, MTH 202 (for 3rd year BS-MS) or equivalent; Currently Physics and Math majors are not allowed to register. The course

Text Books:

  1. K. F. Riley, M. P. Hobson, S. J. Bence, Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering, 3rd Ed, Cambridge University Press, 2006.
  2. G. Arfken, H. Weber, and F. Harris, Mathematical Methods for Physicists, 7th Ed, Academic Press 2012
  3. M. L. Boas, Mathematical Methods for the Physical Sciences, 3rd Ed, Kaye Pace 2006.
  4. J. Matthews and R. L. Walker, Mathematical Methods of Physics, 2nd Ed, Addison Wesley Longman 1971


This course will feature assignments (8%), 2 quizzes (12%), a mid-semester exam (30%) and an end-semester exam (50%).




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