CHM 428/638 Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy

Instructor: Dr. Varadharajan Srinivasan(Room AB-2 225)

Office Hours: Fridays 2-3 pm

Email: vardha [at] iiserb . ac .in

TA: None


Lectures: M, Tue, Thu (9-9:55 am) in AB2-401


This is a graduate course in quantum chemistry for first year Integrated Ph.D. students (mandatory) as well as an elective for Ph.D. students in the chemistry department (NOT available for BS-MS students). From the course a student will learn formal aspects of quantum chemistry, learn about chemical bonding using approximate Hamiltonians and methods and learn about interaction of light with matter and hence the basis for spectroscopy.

Prerequisites: CHM 325

Text Books:

  1. Levine, I., Quantum Chemistry, Ed. 6th, Pearson Press, 2009.
  2. McQuarrie, D. A., Quantum Chemistry, Ed. 2nd, University Science Books, 2008.
  3. B. H. Bransden and C. J. Joachain, Quantum Mechanics, 2nd Ed (Pearson Education)
  4. Atkins, P. W., Friedman, R. S., Molecular Quantum Mechanics, Oxford University Press, 2008.
  5. Banwell, Fundamentals of Molecular Spectroscopy, Ed. 4th, McGraw Hill, 1994.


This course will feature assignments (5%), 2 quizzes (15%), a mid-semester exam (30%) and an end-semester exam (50%).




[01.01.2024]  Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

[02.01.2024]  Video lectures covering material from first two days of course uploaded.

[28.01.2024]   Assignment 1 uploaded. Due on Feb 6, 2024 in class.

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