CHM 637 Chemistry and Physics of Materials

Instructor: Dr. Varadharajan Srinivasan(Room AB-2 225)

Teams Link: CHM 637 Teams

Office Hours: None

Email: vardha [at] iiserb . ac .in

TA: Shilpi Jaiswal


Lectures: M (12 - 1 pm) T and Th (11 am -12 pm) in AB2-404


This course aims to introduce students to the atomistic description of structure of materials in the solid state, structural and electronic origin of material properties, interesting phenomena in materials, theoretical description and modelling of material properties, and experimental techniques to characterize materials. The course will also survey the state-of-the-art in some interesting classes of materials.


Structure of periodic solids

Electronic properties of solids through free electron and band theories.

Lattice vibrations and elastic phenomena in solids

Light absoprtion and scattering, electro-optic and photovoltaic effects

Nanomaterials - properties, electron microscopy and other techniques

Survey of concepts and advances in some interesting materials - ferroelectrics, photovoltaics, catalysts for water-splitting and thermoelectrics

Prerequisites: CHM 222, CHM 322/642 or PHY 303 or equivalent

Text Books:

  1. Gersten, J. I. and Smith, F. W., The Physics and Chemistry of Materials
  2. Tilley, R. J. D., Understanding Solids: The Science of Materials
  3. DiVentra, M. et al, Introduction to Nano-science and Nano-technology
  4. A. P. Sutton, Electronic Structure of Materials
  5. G. Grosso and G. Pastori Parravicini, Solid State Physics


This course will feature assignments, a term paper, quizzes and presentations. Class participation will also be assessed. The weights will be announced shortly




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