About Me

Hello! A friendly and proactive individual with a drive to learn and explore fascinations in Science, that’s me. My name is Chakradhar and I hail from Bangalore in South India. I'm a Physics Undergraduate at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhopal. Growing up in a city close to nature and Science has sparked an everlasting amusement towards Science and its community. I specialize in Condensed Matter Physics and spend my time simulating Physics on Computers. I keenly pursue Deep Learning as a hobby supplemented with coding, playing Cricket and learning Sanksrit. I am fueled by the ambition to promote Science Education and Open Science.

Research Interest

Under construction

Things I Can Do

Skill Set

  • Python, C, C++, LaTeX, HTML
  • TBF
  • TBF
  • Drink much Tea
  • Cricket, Coding and Sanksrit
  • Teaching

Contact Me

Email: rchakri25@iiserb.ac.in