"We need science education to produce scientists, but we need it equally to create literacy in the public. Man has a fundamental urge to comprehend the world about him, and science gives today the only world picture which we can consider as valid. It gives an understanding of the atom and of the whole universe, or the peculiar properties of the chemical substances and of the manner in which genes duplicate in biology. An educated layman can, of course, not contribute to science, but can enjoy ad participate in many scientific discoveries which as constantly made. Such participation was quite common in 19th century, but has unhappily declined. Literacy in science will enrich a person's life."

- Hans A Bethe

Term Course Code
Fall 2021 Basic Physical Chemistry CHM 221
Spring 2021 Molecular Simulations CHM 624
Fall 2020 Chemistry and Physics of Materials CHM 637
Spring 2020 Electronic Structure of Materials
(with Dr. Nirmal Ganguli)
PHY 626
Fall 2019, Fall 2015 Statistical Mechanics CHM 421/621
Spring 2019 Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy CHM 428/638
Fall 2018, Fall 2016 Mathematical Methods for Chemists CHM 325
Spring 2018 Electronic Structure of Materials PHY 626
Spring 2018 Classical Thermodynamics
(Teaching Assistant)
CHM 222
Fall 2017, Fall 2014,
Fall 2013
Quantum Chemistry CHM 633
Spring 2017, Spring 2016,
Spring 2014
Principles of Quantum Chemistry CHM 322/642
Spring 2015 Molecular Simulations CHM 624
Fall 2014 General Chemistry
(Teaching Assistant)
CHM 101
Fall 2013 Chemistry and Physics of Materials
(Co-instructor: Dr. Amit Paul)
CHM 637
Fall 2013 Non-adiabatic dynamics (over NKN)
(Local Instructor)
CHM 651
Spring 2013 Classical Thermodynamics CHM 222
Fall 2012 Theory of Modern Physical Methods CHM 433
Fall 2012 Solid State Chemistry
(Co-instructor: Dr. Deepak Chopra)
CHM 651
Spring 2012 Chemical Binding CHM 422
Fall 2011 Principles of Quantum Chemistry CHM 321
Fall 2011 Electronic Structure CHM 631
Spring 2011 Statistical Thermodynamics and Rate Theories CHM 322
Fall 2010 Physical Chemistry Lab CHM 211
Fall 2010 Thermodynamics and Kinetics
(Teaching Assistant)
CHM 201
Fall 2010 Chemistry and Physics of Materials CHM 621